Canadian Policy Changes Impact International Students – Cap on Permits, Attestation and more.

The Honourable Marc Miller, Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship announced that
the Government of Canada will set an intake cap on international student permit applications to
stabilize new growth for a period of two years. For 2024, the cap is expected to result in
approximately 360,000 approved study permits, a decrease of 35% from 2023. In the spirit of
fairness, individual provincial and territorial caps have been established, weighted by population,
which will result in much more significant decreases in provinces where the international student
population has seen the most unsustainable growth. Study permit renewals will not be impacted.
Those pursuing master’s and doctoral degrees, and elementary and secondary education are not
included in the cap. Current study permit holders will not be affected.

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Canada to stabilize growth and decrease number of new international student permits issued to approximately 360,000 for 2024 – Can

As of 8:30 am ET on January 22, 2024, most students must include a provincial attestation letter
(PAL) from the province or territory where they plan to study with their study permit application.
In most cases, if you apply without a PAL, your application will be returned with fees.

Study permit: Get the right documents –

Applying for a study permit extension on or after January 30, 2024. On January 30, 2024, a new
version of the study permit extension application form (IMM5709) will be available. If you
apply through the IRCC secure account on or after this date, you must use the new version of the
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