Study in Poland

Study in Poland

Are you exploring the option of studying in Poland? Poland is fast becoming an education hub, but it comes with certain pros and cons.

Poland has lots to offer international students. It has several English taught programs at affordable tuition, world-class universities, opportunity to work while studying, as well as a much lower cost of living than many European nations, making it the perfect place for those living on a student budget.

Drawbacks include Language barrier. Most communication is in Polish and some documents are even issued in Polish language. There are limited job opportunities and of late it has become difficult to get visa appointments.


  1. Several English-taught programs
  2. World-class universities
  3. Affordable tuition
  4. Opportunity to work while studying
  5. Several paid internships
  6. Large international student community


  1. Language barrier. Most communication is in Polish , some documents issued in Polish languge
  2. Limited Job opportunities
  3. Difficult to get visa appointment

There is a Difference between Legalization and Nostrification……..

Applying to Polish Universities involves Legalization and Nostrification of Documents.

Legalization is basically authentication of documents. This means the affirmation of their authenticity, which gives the legal force outside the borders of the country of issue. Legalisation shows that: the document was issued by an official authority and makes the document suitable for use in another country. This involves the official from the Ministry certifying that the document is authentic and putting the seal. Legalization must be done in your country (in the country of issue of the diploma/ high school certificate). The method of legalization depends on the country of origin of your high school diploma/certificate. In Zimbabwe documents are certified and authenticated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Trade (legal and consular department). One needs to schedule an appointment via email to get their documents legalized. The email address is

Nostrification is the recognition of a foreign certificate by the Polish Education Office. The successfully passed procedure of nostrification will ascertain whether a student has learned a sufficient number of subjects that qualifies them to pursue the program applied for. Nostrification of certificates is approved by The Education office (Kuratorium Oświaty) in Poland. You need to submit it to the Admission Office upon arrival in Poland, before the end of the first semester of study.

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